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    Best coffee in Kyoto – % Arabica

    One of the very first things I research when I plan to visit a new place is coffee. Right after doing a sketch version of the itinerary, I type in google: “best coffee in [city/suburb]“. Sometimes I hit theΒ jackpot and find really good recommendations, sometimes they’re just average. Continue Reading

  • matcha green tea latte recipe

    Matcha Latte

    Matcha latte aka green tea latte is my latest discovery. Latest, as in, I’ve been obsessed with it for the last 6 months.…

  • visiting Snow Monkeys in Japan

    Visiting Snow Monkeys in Japan

    Planning and preparing itineraries are my strengths, I love to do it and it makes our trips not only interesting but also easier. When we booked tickets to Japan for the…

  • green tea ice cream in Nagoya Japan
    Food Japan

    Eating in Japan

    Japanese food is so much more than sushi (although I’m not saying there’s something wrong with sushi). Every trip to Japan, I discover something new and find my new favourites. It’s…

  • Minoo Park  by a matter of taste

    Around Japan in 12 photos

    Not so long ago we returned from another trip to Japan – this time we’ve traveled around the country, visiting major cities, enjoying wonderful, hot summer weather and eating a lot.…