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Alam Ubud Villa, Bali

During my recent trip to Bali, I spent one day in a beautiful, relaxing place – it’s called Alam Ubud. Located in the river valley, in a middle of a tropical forest and surrounded by rice fields, offers you a very peaceful, relaxing atmosphere and quietness.

Famous Balinese hospitality starts the moment you arrive, with a welcome drink and nice foot massage, while the staff takes care of your documents and luggage.

There are 4 villa types available. I stayed in Villa Bima, with a modern interior (oh, and a tree in the middle of the bedroom!) was set on a hillside with a green, tropical forest view.

Every sofa and chair in the villa and on the balcony were so comfortable, I had a serious problem to pick just one place to relax and read a book. But all this was just nothing compared to the best night sleep I’ve had in a long time (or ever?). The bed was huge and soft, pillows just perfect and the addition of decorative canopy/mosquito net made it only more enjoyable and romantic.

But before the good night sleep, there was a bathtub full of rose petals waiting for me.

Ther’s more than just villas though. Walk down the hill and you’ll find a pool filled with natural spring water, the amazing view of a jungle and small river and sculptures that date back to the 15th century (what a great culture lesson!).

There is also another pool, on top of the hill – infinity pool, big enough for a good swim.

It was raining in the morning so my husband called the reception and we had our breakfast delivered to our villa. Fresh juices, coffee, warm pastries, rolls… Eating that while looking at the jungle was an experience to remember.

And if you want to spend your time more actively, you can pick something from the list: cooking, yoga, dance, painting or maybe a ride through rice fields on a bicycle? I had a great time on my cooking class. It’s not only theory, it’s hands-on type of class and you have all the food you cook for your lunch. I’ll share some good recipes with you soon.

It was much more than just “a stay”, that experience was definitely a highlight of my Bali trip.

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Stay courtesy of Alam Ubud. All opinions and photos are my own.

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