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DeliVino, Mount Tamborine

So how would you like want to spend your birthday? – asked me my husband a few days before “my” day.

Road trip and good food! – was my instant answer and I had already everything perfectly planned in my head.

Are you surprised? Because he wasn’t at all. I’m that easily pleased.

My birthday was my first time to Mount Tamborine. Picturesque drive up the mountain, swirly, narrow roads and greenery all around, who would have thought it’s only 1 hour drive from Brisbane CBD?



We’re arriving early, before 9am and the deck of DeliVino is already very busy. Fortunately there is one last table available for us.

Menu isn’t too long but the choice is not easy. Everything sounds to me like something I’d like to try. Finally our pick is Bacon, eggs & balsamic tomato ($13) and Cassoulet (slow baked white beans ragout with Mediterranean pork sausage with herbed olive bread $13).



We’re being warned by the staff that it will take a little bit more time than usual, because they just took a big order. It seems there is some kind of family reunion happening right next to us. Unfortunately for us, the family is loud and all over the place. I was glad when most of them left before we finished our breakfast.

Coffee arrives quickly and it turnes out to be very good – a bit of froth, not too strong and not too milky.


But it’s the bread that is taking all my attention when the breakfast arrives – in both our dishes that’s the main star. I haven’t been to a restaurant in Australia that serves such a beautiful, European style bread. The slightly toasted one had the right density, a bit of sourness and crispy crust. And mine, herbed olive bread was bursting with flavours.

Husband wasn’t impressed with the bacon and I didn’t like the lacking-seasoning-sausage in my dish. But the aromatic baked beans and nicely poached egg made it worth the trip.



At the end of our visit, when all the party diners left, it was just silence, rustling trees and singing birds. Exactly as I wanted it to be. – Perfect start of the day –  was what I thought taking the last sip of the coffee.

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