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End of summer in Poland

End of summer (mid August – mid September) was usually my favourite time of year. It’s still warm enough to wear light clothes, it’s the peak time for pears, apples and peaches and it smells incredibly good.

I was very happy when I planned to visit at the end of August and from the very first second after landing in Poland I felt even more glad I did it.

Farmers market – Polish way

When I went to visit my relatives in a small country town I discovered that it’s a market day there. I couldn’t resist a quick detour to go there and have a look at fresh, local food.

I was gradually steping back in time… first part of my trip, in a very old bus:

and then through the tiny streets, with old wooden houses to the market, which looks probably pretty much the same as years ago.

And yes, they still use the old fashioned scales!

and the best bread in the world is sold from the back of a truck:

Hello Kitty all the things!

First point in my busy “Visit Poland” itinerary was 4th b-day party of my niece. I had all the right presents – they were pink and full of Hello Kitty, but I didn’t expect EVERYTHING will be full of Hello Kitty! πŸ˜‰ Birthday Girl was the happiest little girl in the world (oh, and the prettiest too!) and I had a realy good time taking photos and having a delicious (pink!) birthday cake.


The highlight of my trip. Great afternoon photowalk with my big brother. End of summer has that big advantage over all other seasons – the best golden light. I absolutely love it!

Good things I tried

There was so much I wanted to eat while in Poland, but time was running way too fast. So after trying the things I missed I went a bit adventurous in a supermarket.

The honey beer from Browar JablonowoΒ Β was one of the most delicious things I had for a drink. It’s hard to describe the experience, it wasΒ sweet at first and very bitter after but I was still able to taste how aromatic it was. Definitely “must try!” if you go to Poland.

I showed some new recipes to my mum, those honey-soy chargrilled ribs were a big hit! It smelled so great, that neighbours were coming to us asking what we have on bbq πŸ™‚

And I also showed her the fruit tart. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the right baking form, and had some issues of not-my-kitchen kind. But it still looked and tasted amazing.

So if you ever decide to go to Europe, and it happens to be at the end of summer, go to Poland and try some awesome, honest, fresh food. Don’t stay in the cities, visit some countryside places and remember the word “smacznego!”.

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