I quit sugar – the beginning

If you’re reading my blog often or you know me for a long time, you probably know by now that I’m a dessert person. Sweet-tooth. I devour chocolate, I bake cakes, tarts and cookies. I love French pastries. Honey, sugar, sweet fruits and fruity cocktails are my best friends. I can talk about it a lot, but here’s the news: I decided to quit sugar.

There are many reasons behind this decision – health was one of the main ones, but also curiosity if I can make such a big change in my life.

Some time ago, when I wasn’t even thinking about doing this, I saw a blog post somewhere about I Quit Sugar book by Sarah Wilson. Impossible for me was the only thing  I had in my mind when I was reading it. And here I am, couple of weeks later, holding the book in my hand and saying challenge accepted.

sarah wilson i quit sugar

And after just a few days into the 8 weeks program I’m starting to believe I can actually do it.


Sweet, sugary recipes are still going to be a part of this website. I’m still going to bake (it’s my favourite relaxation form) but will feed it all to my husband and friends.

Click here to view more details about the I Quit Sugar book

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