I quit sugar – week 1

I wrote last week, that I decided to quit sugar. Here’s my progress and my struggles from the week 1:

– First big challenge happened on day 3. I went out for a dinner with other Brisbane bloggers (you can read all about it here) and when the time came to order a dessert I’ve been a good girl – just a coffee for me, please.

– I tried a couple of recipes from I Quit Sugar book, my favourite so far is the one for apples with halloumi and cinnamon

– I stopped drinking my favourite juice. But I’m still missing it every day.

– And I’ve been torturing myself multiple times: visiting bakeriesmaking sweets for the sweet swap and receiving them from others by post.

So far I feel good – no headaches, no tears – and almost all the time very confident I can make it (except that one time when I HAD TO at least smell that beautiful pastry my husband had, I felt like a junkie).

And the “sweet” news is – it’s already 1kg less of me.

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