I quit sugar – week 7

Can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks already. It’s all about feeling great and winning now!

Last sunday I baked an awesome cake for my Hubby – cake full of sugar and berries. As I’m trying to experiment with what I eat now, I decided to give a tiniest-little slice of the cake a go. Geeeeeeez, that was way too sweet. Yes, I appreciated the flavours. Yes, it was a damn good cake. Yes, I’m in control now – I saw that cake every time I was in the kitchen, but didn’t even want another tiny slice of it. Winning!

More dinners out and meetings with friends proved to me that I don’t crave a dessert after a meal anymore. I’m now always full and happy. Winning!

Oh, and I made that raspberry ripe. At first I thought that’s so small, I should have made more. It’s been 7 days since then and I ate maybe 1/3 of the oh-so-small raspberry ripe. Not craving even no-sugary treats. Winning!


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