I quit sugar – week 8

Yay, I did it!

8 weeks without sugar looked impossible at the beginning. I was thinking about it more like it was an experiment than a change. But things changed:

  • I don’t crave sugar at all now, when before I could eat a box of meringues at once.
  • I don’t like my food sweet anymore and it’s hard to fool me – don’t tell me there is no sugar in my salad, I can taste it.
  • I prefer green smoothie than any ice cream.
  • I eat fruits whenever I crave them. Even if it means more sugar in my body.
  • I feel sick when I “overdose” sugar. Like not so long ago in a Vietnamese restaurant, it was hidden in coffee & salad dressing and made me dizzy and I wasn’t enjoying the night.
  • I lost weight. Not much, about 3.5kg, but it’s a nice bonus to the whole experiment.
  • I allowed myself to taste an amazing torte I baked a week ago (taste means 1 tiny spoon) and desserts in Sake Restaurant (again – 1 tiny bit of each thing on my plate). I couldn’t eat the whole plate as everything seems to be way too sweet now but also because I simply don’t want it.

I don’t plan on being crazy about eating/not eating sugar. If I’ll ever want anything sugary, I’ll have it. But life is good without it so I’ll keep going being more careful what I eat.


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