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Start of a picnic series

Last week I met with Julia from for an impromptu picnic. I took care of the snacks, she bought a bottle of nice cold wine and picked a place. And besides having a great time, we also came up with idea for a new blog series (what bloggers do when they meet? they talk about blogging of course).

There are many parks in the city and lovely places around Brisbane, so why not explore them one picnic at a time? We decided to organise one picnic every month in 2014. We’ll be posting lists of food/drinks, recipes and map of the location with the closest shops/coffee/liquor stores/toilets marked. Maybe we’ll inspire some of you to go out for a picnic?


So stay tuned and try to guess what will be the location of our first “official” challenge picnic.

If you have any ideas for some cool places we should have our picnic at or you feel like we’re missing something important let us know in the comments below.

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