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Things I love at the moment – April 2015

Oak Tree Lodge, beautiful B&B we stayed at on Phillip Island

Oak Tree Lodge B&B

farm gates – during our Easter adventures, thanks to the cool “avoid highways” option in Google Maps, we found some good deals: 10kg of potatoes for $5 and organic jam from cute “pantry” for $7

Chief’s Suite at Spicers Sangoma in NSW – it must be that bathtub that makes me think it would be a great place to relax (btw, you may want to check out their Make Room For Romance competition)


– Newly opened Terminal 3 at Narita Airport

Japanology YouTube channel – recently we are a tad obsessed with Japan…

Four Seasons Jet – wow, just wow

frank green SmartCup – clever little thing


– Mercedes Mario ad (obviously Japanese):

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