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Things I love at the moment – February 2015 – Japanese edition

We didn’t spend most of the month in Japan (I wish we did!), but my February favourites are totally all about Japan. So here we go:

– plum blossoms – at first I thought it’s a shame we will miss cherry blossoms, but plum blossoms turned out to be pretty spectacular! Check out the photos on my facebook page.

Gontran Cherrier Shinjuku – I wasn’t so excited about something I ate in a long time


cute sushi socks

sushi socks

– keychains I bought on Kappabashi Dori (kitchen street) – a tiny sushi and onigiri


– actually… everything I bought in Japan – cute socks, food-themed Converse shoes, new knife, green tea snacks, t-shirts and bento box cookbook, I love every single thing.

Japan souvenirs

– buying sushi at 7 Eleven/Lawson/FamilyMart in Tokyo – how convenient was that? Any time we had a craving for sushi, onigiri or other small snacks we would just go to one of the shops (and believe me, they are on every corner). We tried many different ones, and they were all very good.

– Japanese people – everyone we asked for something was extremely helpful and polite. Even when they didn’t speak any English.

– bathtub with a view – we treated ourselves to a fancy room for our last night in Tokyo. 15th floor, comfy bathtub next to a window and bottle of wine. Bliss. All our future hotels will have to compete with that. It’s going to be tough.

bathtub with a view

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