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Things I love at the moment – October 2014

– the latest Air France’s ad campaign – I love the style and colours, wouldn’t mind of those posters on my wall. more here


– South Melbourne/Albert Park area – all the cute little houses, tiny streets, lots of trees and charming old shops/cafes – so pretty!


– spring time in Melbourne – as I said before, memory card in my camera is full of photos of flowers. It’s so lovely to walk around and see trees waking up after winter and all those flowers blooming and smelling so good. If you see someone on the streets of Melbourne smiling to flowers, say hi, that’s me.

Stenstorp. Instead of buying a table for the new apartment we figured out a kitchen island may be a better solution for the small space we have. And I’m absolutely loving it. Not only as my prep space/dining table/storage. It became my favourite spot to sit with cup of coffee and a laptop and read or write (no points for guessing where I sit right now).


– IKEA in general. Almost everything we needed to make ourselves feel like home in the new place comes from IKEA. I like the look, the price and all that assembling fun.

South Melbourne Market – I’ve been here only 3 weeks, but already have “my” steak guy and friendly cider seller.

– my mini balcony garden – well, more like 2 small planter boxes with 5 herbs and one chilli in them… But the pleasure of putting homegrown, freshly picked herbs in our food – priceless.

view from my balcony, especially during sunsets

– walking distance to St Kilda Beach, Albert Park Lake and Royal Botanic Gardens – we’re spoilt for choice for our regular walks!


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