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Things I love at the moment – March 2016

Interview, yoga in a bed sheet, Norma and more, here’s what I was loving last month:

interview with me by Hung of Up Up And A Bear

Interview with Aga - a matter of taste

– the story of Norma – what a legend!!


– brilliant life hack – how to painlessly remove the wrapper from a pack of natto:

– antigravity yoga – at first it looked scary and weird (why would I want to hang from the ceiling in a “bed sheet”?) but quickly become my favourite type of yoga!

– being part of a published book. My friend Julia published her first book this month – “Gdzie jest Julia” (in Polish). And I had the pleasure of shooting the cover photo and designing the cover. Can tick it off my bucket list now 🙂

[click here to see what I was loving last month]

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