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Jamie Oliver at Gatwick Airport

Ever since I watched this video on youtube, I wanted to go there, and try all that amazing food. And imagine my excitement, when I discovered that one of the connecting flights on my trip to Europe was departing from Gatwick Airport!

I had it all planned perfectly: all day being a tourist in London, lunch with friends, afternoon ride to the airport, early check in for Dubai flight and about 2,5 hours just to go to Jamie’s Italian, pick something from the menu and enjoy it before the long journey. None of this things happend as planned.

Weather was… Well, let’s just say I was in London after all πŸ˜‰ After spending most of the morning in my hotel room and walking in rain to the spot where I was meant to meet my friends, I discovered a message on my phone. They were running late. 1.5h late. Ok, so lonely coffee and shopping it is.

When we finally met, it was really late, everyone was hungry, there was no time to look for some fancy food – pub and fish & chips looked very appealing πŸ™‚ Quick walk around after lunch and I was on my way to train station.

Then, it was supposed to be just a quick ride to the Airport. Too easy. Someone decided to mess up a bit and sold me wrong ticket. As a result of that I was in the wrong train and wrong carriage (half of the train was going in other direction after few stops).Β ThankfullyΒ people in London were very helpful – they helped me to solve the “not-really-the-right-train” puzzle, helped me with my huge luggage and I finally arrived at Gatwick.

So here I am, at the airport, not hungry at all after that stupid fish & chips (thanks London for feeding me, it was very tasty), tired from my long train journey and on top of that – with a headache. But hey, I still had some time for a quick visit at Jamie’s!

Coffee. Yes, from all my amazing planning, the only thing I had from Jamie’s was coffee. Glad it was delicious and the place is just beautifully designed and decorated.

Until next time Jamie, until next time.

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